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For the storage of paintings, works of art, sketchs, works on canvass and prints

We supply a range of pull out picture racking designed for the safe storage of works of art. The design allows us to offer our clients a system of art storage racks that allows the paintings to be stored in the optimum envoirnment. The smooth operation of the overhead guidance system means minimal disturbance to the stored paintings. The art storage racks are available in a wide range of sizes and so we can accomodate all applications and room sizes. The sliding art racks and moving art racks provide the optimum method of storing paintings and art in a safe and secure way. 

The sliding art storage racks provide the optimum storage allowing for high density secure storage whislt allowing easy access. We design the storage system around your collection requirements and therefore we can offer a wide range of art storage solutions that meet your requirements.

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